Testing Counts

The answer to growing beautiful turfgrass, gardens and bountiful plant growth is in the soil.

NJ Soil Blending recommends soil-testing services for a variety of venues including:
  • Athletic Fields
  • Municipalities
  • Golf Courses
  • Nurseries & Commercial Growers
  • Industrial Lawn/Landscapers
  • Farmers and Horse Farmers
  • Horse Farms
  • Florists and Sod Producers
  • Cemeteries

Material Testing and Sand Gradations

We partner with Clayton Sand Company’s internal testing lab to verify sand gradations, allowing you to narrow down your options before paying for outsourced independent testing. The gradation index is a numerical value assigned to each mix number and determines the relative amounts of fine and coarse aggregate in the mix. Internal testing will provide information about the sand particle size (gradation) and the uniformity coefficients (Cu). The lower the Cu and gradation index, the more uniform the particle size and the better the compaction resistance. We use several independent testing labs for verification of quality analysis or we will use the lab that you request.

Nutrient Testing

Jersey Soil Blending uses several testing labs for verification of nutrient analysis or we will use the specific lab that you request. The soil test is an excellent measure of soil fertility. It will provide information about the percentage of organic matter and pH levels.

Jersey Soil Blending Experts

Jersey Soil Blending personnel have experienced professionals with extensive golf course and athletic field construction experience. They can help make planning and product decisions, while keeping your budget in mind. We offer free consultation and on-site sourcing for large projects.

Testing Labs

Jersey Soil Blending differentiates itself by offering independent product testing to meet your unique specifications. We partner with professional testing labs, Tifton, Turf Diagnostics and Princeton Hydro.